My name is Chris Clancy, I'm a musician, recording engineer, producer and mixing engineer from Thornton-Cleveleys, England, UK. I was born in 1984 and started playing my first instrument at the age of 10. I now play piano, keyboard, bass guitar, guitar, sing and scream.

I have dedicated my life to music and my career. Spending my teenage years practising more than being social and sacrificing anything that didn't help me in my pursuit of musical success. My journey has so far taken me from Blackpool (where I was born) to Manchester, South Wales, New Jersey and all across the United States and Canada. I studied Music Production and Audio Engineering at university and this has become one of the most useful skills I have.

I always wanted to work in music and when I discovered I had a talent for singing, I worked hard at it. Moving where the music scenes were good and dropping everything in a moment if I needed to go elsewhere. I eventually moved to New Jersey to join a band later to become Mutiny Within. After a lot of hard work and recording, producing and mixing 50 demos in a basement, we signed to the world famous Roadrunner Records. All my hard work was paying off and I was living and breathing the music I loved. I was asked by Andy Sneap to do the backing vocals on a Megadeth album, invited to be part of Melissa Cross' new Zen of Singing DVD (which has never actually been released). I was well on the road to where I wanted to be.

Times since then have been a little less exciting, with Roadrunner Records being bought out by Warner Brothers and Mutiny Within being let go from the roster. 

Since then I have started a band with world-renowned guitarist Andy James called "Wearing Scars", am still releasing music with Mutiny Within and am working with world famous drummer Jason Bowld on another project

Testimonials from SOME OF MY clients:

My journey into music changed the day I picked Chris Clancy to mix and produce my first solo album. I couldn't be more grateful to this man as I am right now.
When you're a solo artist or a local band with not a lot of financial backup, recording an album (or even a song) can be a struggle: of course, there's the money aspect, but also having every member of the band to the studio on the same day seems impossible, with everyone's day job or family lives. 
There's a man out there in the UK who can bring your dream to reality: Chris Clancy. Not only is he's one of today's best singers in the world, but he's also one of the most talented independent producers out there.
Honestly, I only had 3 things in hand when I reached him: 13 songs, a guitar and an old home PC. And the best part is that I didn't need a lot more to bring my project to life. A small recording software (I personally use Reaper, which is very cheap -$60- and runs smoothly with no memory use), a recording interface (in my case a "Focusrite Scarlett 2i2" - about $120) and a drum program, like EZDrummer or Steven Slate Drums, even Guitar Pro.
I was then set up to record. I took all the time I needed to play my parts like I wanted them to sound, which couldn't happen in a real studio. Recording at home has this advantage of involving no studio fees, no deadlines, no stress.
The best part for guitar players: you don't even have to worry about your guitar sound as Chris will do his magic on his side! You heard well! You're tracking your guitars raw, so the tracks you're sending him are clean with no effects. But don't worry, on the other end of the world, he'll apply the right amp sound to them so they will sound like they're coming straight from your own amp! And you can change the sound as much as you like because at first, your recordings are clean with no effects!
But drummers, wait you're not put to rest! By using drum software you can easily translate your drum beats to perfection at your own pace. And once again, you don't have to worry: Chris will make them sound like it was recorded in a real drum studio.
Simply listen to my first album with I Legion "Beyond Darkness", and you won't even guess it was recorded in my basement, next to the laundry room, with kids playing around while I'm in yoga pants.
With Chris Clancy you get the best of the two worlds: the expertise of talented musician and producer, with a price that won't put you in bankruptcy. And if you're as lucky as I am, you'll also get a friend for life!
- Frederic Riverin (I Legion)