Professional mixing is something that gets missed all too often from a release. There are so many great bands out there releasing music that sounds unfinished. From my experience being signed to a major label, if your music sounds cheap then it gets switched off. If you're serious about your music and your career then you need to show it in your music. 

Mixing doesn't have to cost a fortune. I run my mixing studio with world-class converters, software, plugins and monitoring in an acoustically treated room. This means I don't have the same overheads as a full recording studio and can keep my costs low without sacrificing quality.

Spending a lot of money recording at a full studio is always a good band experience, but with today's technology recording at home can yield professional results. If you're setting out to record from home and want to work with me, I can give you guidelines to follow, gear advice and help you along the way so you can give me good quality tracks to mix.

I have worked primarily mixing heavier music styles mainly due to me being an artist in those genres. My recent work is in the player below and covers rock, country, metal, and death metal. I'm always adding content as I mix different styles and am fully capable of mixing anything.

Albums I have mixed:

OTHER Albums I have worked on: