Hire me to sing on your track

I have been singing since 1998 and have done session vocals for many bands/artists. Most notably doing backing vocals for Megadeth on their album "Endgame". After my time with Mutiny Within on Roadrunner Records, I have been asked to audition for/play with various bands including:

Killswitch Engage, DragonForce, Divine Heresy, Tesseract, Monuments, Aliases, The HAARP Machine, Chris Poland & Nick Menza's new project.

I trained classically and was awarded 98% in my Grade 8, after this I went to University and studied with various singing teachers until I moved to the USA and worked with the world famous Melissa Cross. If you tell me what you want, I'll make it happen. Screaming, singing, rock, country, metal, death metal, ballads.. anything.

With my home studio, I have Apogee ADC, a Neve 1073 clone into Pro Tools. My mics include Rode K2 condenser tube mic, SM7b dynamic mic, SM58 dynamic mic and a Audio Technica AT4033a condenser mic.